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Wednesday 8th - Saturday 11th October, 2014

Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival


Nottingham Castle - Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th October 2014

Tickets are now on sale online for Nottingham’s Annual World Beating Craft Beer & Real Cider Extravaganza!

Yes - the beer and cider festival that offers the world’s biggest selection of draught cask conditioned beers, and over 200 real ciders and perries is back; brighter and bigger than ever.

Tickets went on sale on Sunday 1st June, so get in early as in recent years Friday and Saturday tickets have sold out a month before the festival starts.

The festival is again being held in the wonderful grounds of Nottingham Castle right in the city centre and as in previous years will not be all-ticket. A full programme of entertainment will again be offered all day from Wednesday evening to Saturday, down on the bandstand.

As last year, the festival will be fully open on Wednesday evening, including entertainment on the bandstand and catering stalls.

All beers and ciders that are ready will be on sale, except the limited number that are being judged in the SIBA competition the next day, which should mean around 650 different cask beers will be available to try. This gives you a chance to sample some of our rare and interesting beers ahead of the traditional Thursday opening and at a discounted admission price.

The East Midlands CAMRA Regional Cider Competition will be being held during the Wednesday evening, so you will be able to view this if you wish.

Festival opening hours are: Wednesday 8th - 6:00pm to 11:00pm, Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th - 11:00am to 11:00pm .

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What's New?

VOLUNTEERS - application forms are now available for download (closing date Monday, 15th September 2014) - full details on the Volunteer page - if you have applied previously and know the form - choose your preferred format using the icons below:

The web-site is currently being updated - you have the really important information - the Festival is going ahead and the dates are confirmed so we look forward to seeing you there. Over 73,000 of you have already visited since the end of the 2013 Festival to see what's new.

T-shirt advance preview (for larger image click on the T-Shirt):

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The Spyke Golding Literary Award has already been set up for this year and in addition to information on this site which can be found here there is also a dedicated Fb page here please visit and 'like' us - thank you.

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