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Frequently Asked Questions (2019/20)

1 - Children : Are under 18s allowed in the Festival?

Challenge 21

Unfortunately it will not be possible for Under 18s to attend the festival. The Festival licence conditions require that Challenge 21 operates. Any person who appears to be under the age of 21 must produce an acceptable form of identification (passport, photo driving licence, PASS accredited card of HM Forces identity card) before being admitted to the premises.

2 - Dogs : Are dogs allowed at the festival?

No dogs are allowed except for guide dogs.

3 - Pass-Outs : Will I be allowed to leave the festival and return later.

Unfortunately due to severe abuse of the system in previous years pass-outs are not available at any time during the festival. Once you have entered the festival,  you will not be permitted to return once you have left the site. In the case of emergencies customers should contact the stewards at the exit points.

4 - Ordering Tickets from Abroad : I live overseas, how can I purchase an advance ticket?

Customers will be able to print their own tickets when purchasing them online and so there should be no problem no matter whereabouts in the world you are located.

5 - Gluten Free Beer : Unfortunately I have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease meaning that I cannot eat or drink anything with gluten in - will you be showcasing any gluten free beers at this year’s festival?

Yes we always seek to obtain a good choice of gluten free beers and these will be marked in the programme and on beer signs.

6 - Disabled Access : Are disabled facilities available at the festival and can my carer gain access with me?

Disabled access is possible to all areas of the festival and we welcome disabled customers. Disabled customers will be charged full admission prices but accompanying carers will be admitted free of charge.

7 - At a lot of festivals the last day tends to run dry early, how likely is this with the Saturday (and last day) of the Robin Hood Festival?

We always plan never to sell out of beer and have not done so for well over 40 years, though even after all those years some people refuse to attend Saturday evening claiming that we "always run out of beer". Sorry but that is nothing more than an urban myth!

8 - Can I pay at the day or do I have to obtain an advance ticket?

None of the sessions are all-ticket.

None of the sessions are all-ticket and it is possible to pay on the day, however advance tickets do guarantee entry, whereas those without a ticket may have to queue at peak times and on rare occasions may have a lengthy wait for space to become available.

So when are the best and least favourable times to attempt entry without an advance ticket? (See also 'Pay on the Day')

Wednesday Evening. - There is usually plenty of space and you are virtually guaranteed to get in. All of the bars and stalls are open and there is a full programme of entertainment. Some people feel this is the best session to attend.

Thursday – Whilst Thursday's are becoming increasingly popular we have yet to see a situation where attendances have reached capacity, although Thursday evening gets pleasantly busy. Pay on the day admissions are unlikely to be limited although if you wish to be absolutely certain then you can buy an advance ticket.

Friday - The Friday session usually fills up gradually during the afternoon and by early evening we can be closer to capacity. The earlier you arrive the better your chances of being able to pay on the day, but once we reach capacity it is "one in" "one out" with queues possible.

Saturday - This is becoming the most problematic day with regard to cash admissions. By 9.30 am we usually find that a queue of would be cash payers has started to form and in some previous years we have had to operate a one in one out system by early afternoon. Attendances tend to peak by late afternoon and so there is usually space available in the evening.

9 - What if I want to visit the Festival but do not drink Beer or Cider or am a designated driver?

There will be bars serving gins, prosecco and  country wines. Soft drinks are available around the various festival food stalls.


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Updated : 12th March 2020